We transform


Our team consists of journalists, consultants and IT specialists.

Our mission:
To satisfy our clients.

Our service pledge:

  • highest technological standards
  • fair & responsible
  • highest expertise
  • the highest efficiency through streamlined and flexible structures
  • fast and adaptable
We are

When not developing software, we enjoy playing board games, cycling, working on a rowing machine, or walking on the treadmill.

We enjoy walking dogs, playing with cats, collecting records, and watching soccer. We wear hoodies, suits or costumes.

We have roots in 11 countries across three continents.

We are bound by curiosity, appreciation, down-to-earthiness and passion.

In other words, we are just ordinary people.


Our team has all the skills and passion needed to ensure optimal preparation and implementation of the digital newsroom.

We provide support from the start – both in method and process – to the full complete project launch, onboarding, and training.

Our many years of experience with media houses, publishers, PR, and marketing help us to understand all roles and functions and to provide targeted support for the entire team to create a successful newsroom.

Our direct line is just a click away. Our “Ask the Expert” feature gives our customers a quick and direct link to our knowledge.

We take

We provide all our expertise for your project.

We provide support so that you can succeed.

We have the correct answers to all your questions – editorially and technologically.

We provide you with best practices – put you in touch with our reference customers.

We always keep you informed – about updates, new technologies and new methods.