Integration of Artificial Intelligence

AI has established itself as a central component of digital transformation. Imory has recognized this development and is the first European software provider to combine the proven functions of the newsroom platform with the power of artificial intelligence.

The AI services, led by the digital assistant CoCo (Content-Copilot), deliver innovative communication strategies and increase productivity by harnessing hidden information in archives and continuously learning from the company’s own data.

The services offer customers a technological competitive advantage and support them in all media presence activities.

Innovation Leadership

Imory is a pioneer in the integration of generative AI into the digital newsroom. This technological advancement is hosted in the secure European cloud, which was developed specifically for the requirements of PR, corporate communications and marketing.The implementation of AI functions, which are individually trained with company-specific content, enables the realization of the ‘Enterprise GPT’ concept.

This makes Imory the reliable partner in the field of innovative solutions aimed at continuously improving efficiency and effectiveness in corporate communications.

Goals for the use of

Increased effectiveness:
AI services improve communication effectiveness through optimized routines and targeted communication to interact more effectively with the target group.

Increased efficiency:
Automation and notification services allow employees to save time and focus on individual and creative activities.

Quality improvement:
Imory’s AI supports content quality improvement, from the planning process to playout, by performing plausibility checks and incorporating audience analytics into audience targeting.

All AI services are in-house developments based on “Cognitive Services” in the secure and certified Microsoft cloud.

Data protection &

We have defined clear standards for all our AI services. Data protection and IT security are our top priorities. We only use a secure cloud environment and all customer data remains secure in the respective customer environment.